Friday , 20 May 2022

Artana Indian Girl Looking For Pure Loving Ideal Life Partner

Artana Indian Dating Girl

Artana Indian Girl Looking For Pure Loving Ideal Life Partner

I can say that I am a woman who believes in a great love and happiness.I am a very simple and positive person,who likes every day ,every minute.I am active I like to get all paints in my life.I like to communicate with people it is so great to have different social contacts.I can say that I am a kind and warm-hearted woman.I like life and I want to love First of all,I am a candidate for sport master in archery.Archery is my hobby now.I also like ballroom dances!I am dancing very well.And make photos it is also a great hobby.I have many hobbies and I spend much time in different galleries.And I like my work very much!I create beautiful posy!I like to make beauty everywhere. I want my man to be with open soul to me. serious intention in finding your love is very important for me. Age difference does not matter for me, all the ages have their advantages.Nice, pretty, serious, thoughtful man who love to laugh and enjoy the life. I need someone who will be there for me in different moments of my life, who will accept me as I am, who will enjoy my company and value my attitude. I am willing to have serious and deep relationships based on mutual trust and honesty. I’m looking for am intelligent, caring, happy, sociable person, with a good sense of humor and a loving at heart.I understand that we don’t in live in an ideal world and I know that I am not perfect. I am looking for a real man who lives in this world, not a perfect man in an ideal world. I’d give him all my love and care. We’ll happy living together, caring for each other, spending our days in peace and comfort, happy to be together and grow old together.

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