Wednesday , 25 May 2022

Jaisudha Indian Girl Looking For Pure Love Social Chat Friendship

Jaisudha Indian Dating Girl

Jaisudha Indian Girl Looking For Pure Love Social Chat Friendship

A lot of words could be told about me. But I don’t want to write a novel about how wonderful I am. I can say that I am the person who appreciates inner world and human’s soul most of all. I don’t try to find positive and negative sides in a person. I think that we all are beautiful and doesn’t matter if we are tall or small or something else. I love this life and I take and enjoy by each moment of it. I like to smile and help people. I wish to meet a person who will see bright colors of life like I do and who will share his smile with me.I don’t look for idea man but I’m looking for man who will make me idea for him. Who will respect woman in me and with whom I will feel myself protected and desired. I’m looking for serious relation with passion and tenderness, respect and trust. I want to look into his eyes and to understand that he is my only air and my only Sun and I want us wake up the most wonderful emotions when we will look at each other every day. I do believe that Love is not a habit like a lot of people say. But love is work and ability to find compromises, listen to each other and of course always be honest and sincere. I want to meet a man with whom we will burn the fire of love and will keep this fire for long years. If you are looking for sincere and natural woman, look at me. I could become your happiness and you could become mine.

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  1. HELOOOOOO i am interested in you

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