Wednesday , 25 May 2022

Kabeesha Telugu Girl Looking For Future Sincere Life Marriage Partner

Kabeesha Telugu Dating Girl

Kabeesha Telugu Girl Looking For Future Sincere Life Marriage Partner

A girl with a big heart is looking for her destiny, I think this is the motto that could be used describing me.but if we don’t use the motto I would just say that I am generous and open-hearted woman with ambitions and dreams. I am simple but yet sophisticated, I am shy but never too much. I am just a woman.A woman who still hasn’t found her man. I like fashion and beauty world. I am working as a model so I know this world from the inside. I like creating something beautiful and helping people to be come more beautiful. I’m studying interior design and I like it very much. I am very fond of architecture and art.  I need real man who can take care about me and to take my love and kindnesses. I love life in all its forms and I’m an incorrigible optimist. I believe in love. I know that life has no meaning without love. My character consists of absolutely different features and that’s why I am always mysterious. I dream to meet a man who is honest and developed, self-confident, original and creative, intelligent and caring. If you can listen to yourself and to the people close to you, if you can think and care not only about yourself, but about relatives and friends, then we may be the right people for each other.

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