Sunday , 22 May 2022

Manali Indian Girl Looking For Pure Love Life Partner Here

Manali Indian Dating Girl

Manali Indian Girl Looking For Pure Love Life Partner Here

I am very sincere and funny. I believe in my goals and aims. I love horses because they’re really sensitive and peaceful creatures. I am self-confident and it helps to be straight and open with people. I like traveling to different places and see the things I have never seen before. It’s important because all those impressions make me a better human being. I really enjoy life – I am sure I need to use every minute – every moment of it to get things I want and I need. There are also many ideas in my heart and my head, so I try to express them painting portraits, playing guitar, writing poems and novels. It’s really exciting to be happy not because of what you have, but because you feel you’re needed. I appreciate respect, honesty, openness and trust. I would like to be the woman who’s loved and the second half for my future husband. Our house should be filled with love. I am looking for a man who can be a prince.I wish to find a real man who wants to make me happy and be there for me forever. I am sure you’re there somewhere. Feel free to ask me about anything you want to know about me.The ideal man always seemed to me strong. If you want to be the master of our family and our house – I’ll be happy to be your assistant. Appearance and age do not matter, the main thing that we were good together. I will not talk about beauty, kindness, love, because I believe that all people are beautiful. Suffice it to just be a man and a good support.

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