Sunday , 29 May 2022

Nivya Telugu Girl Looking For Just Love Friendship With Picture

Nivya Telugu Dating Girl

Nivya Telugu Girl Looking For Just Love Friendship With Picture

I adore my life and can be considered as a funny, smiling and life loving person. Also I would like to add that nothing can spoil my mood and that is why I can tell there is no bad weather for me. There are no bad impressions and bad emotions in my life. My life is filled with lots of color and with such a life style I can tell that I live for 100%. Well also I am a very friendly and respectful person who has a lot of friends. Certainly I am a family oriented person who likes to spend my free time with my relatives and family.Of course here I am looking for such a person who will be able to give me a chance to feel wings behind me and of course that will be done with all his soul which of course will be filled with lots of strong life positions and family values. Also I am sure that with a help of all his respect and love I will have a nice opportunity to feel something in my heart and of course I am talking about that connection which is invisible. Well I do hope that every day I will have a chance to feel his loyalty and kindness.I would like my relationship to be based on trust, love, respect, honesty, passion and safety. We can be different but look in one direction, have common interests and one aim.

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