Sunday , 22 May 2022

Sahima Indian Girl Looking For Social Future Loving Ideal Partner

Sahima Indian Dating Girl

Sahima Indian Girl Looking For Social Future Loving Ideal Partner

I am cheerful and kind sincere lady who wants to find a woman`s happiness. Happiness for me is a worthy and respected husband, happy and smart children and work. It means an interesting and eventful life. I am hard working and energetic. I accept everything new in life with pleasure. I like to study, make decisions easily and I always goal oriented. I like to relax listening to good music or reading a book. I like animals, traveling, walking and watching interesting movies. I like going to the theater. And now about myself. I will tell what I can. I’m relaxed but modest. I’m confident in myself and my capabilities. I don’t make conclusions without knowing a person. I have my own opinion which I never deny. I have principles I adhere to. I don’t smile at people I don’t like. I don’t communicate with people who are not interesting to me. I hope this little description will give a little idea of what kind of person I am.Having read my interests it’s already possible to have an image of my intended man. I don’t need a real kind man. He just should know the edge between right and wrong things, good and evil, justice and injustice.

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