Sunday , 29 May 2022

Sanjoka Nepali Girl Looking For Chat Friendship Sincere Love

Sanjoka Nepali Dating Girl

Sanjoka Nepali Girl Looking For Chat Friendship Sincere Love

To say the truth I am always in harmony with myself. I am always ready to listen,to understand and to help with all my forces. I am a punctual lady, my friends and parents say that I am calm and reliable.My ideal man is really careful, loving and kind. I do believe that such kind of man still exists. That would be a person who will never let somebody to offend you. I would love him to have a good sense of humor. And really the main thing about my man is a confidence in his loyalty.I’m looking for an interesting and intelligent man who wants to create his own strong and close family and to share his life with his beloved woman.I am happy person with strong goals in life. I believe in miracle and family values. I believe that one day I will have house with full of love and comfort. I really love comfort. I love cleaned room and white things.I am looking for man who will bring happiness to me. I want to feel comfort and care.I want to meet a man who is serious and knows what he wants in life. I wish to see a strong and reliable man beside me. It is good if he is my friend and much more then friend. I am looking for a man to whom I will be giving my love and care and he will appreciate it and gives me the same in return.

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