Sunday , 26 June 2022

Shayera Pakistani Girl Looking For Loving Good Life Partner

Shayera Pakistani Dating Girl

Shayera Pakistani Girl Looking For Loving Good Life Partner

Well, talking about me, I can say that I am a positive person who loves this life and who lives to the fullest. I am lucky to be surrounded by beloved people, my close friends, my family and just people I love with whom we can spend a good time together. I was told that I am a good friend who is ready to help and listen to. I love helping those who need this. I have many goals in life and some of then are already achieved, some are waiting for me to be reached. But all this is senseless without a man who would be beside me, a man with whom I could share these bright moments of our life. I love photography and do this quite often. I am a creative person so I love to invent something, that’s why painting is also my hobby. I have been doing painting since my childhood and still do this. In the moments when there are only me and the picture I feel this harmony of this world, I can truly realize how wonderful the world around us is and it is sad that people do not notice and underestimate this. I need someone to share this with.I am looking for a man who is really interested in creating a family. I want to be the one whole, to do everything together, to travel, to enjoy this life, to go for our goals, to work. For me it is important that my man is reliable, loving, generous, with good sense of humor, calm and who is able to react on things in the calm and right way, not to panic if some problems arise.

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