Sunday , 22 May 2022

Simrit Indian Girl Looking For Love Friendship With Full Profile

Simrit Indian Girl

Simrit Indian Girl Looking For Love Friendship With Full Profile

And now about myself. I will tell what I can. I’m relaxed but modest. I’m confident in myself and my capabilities. I’m stubborn and a person of principle. I always fight against false, hatred and spite. All this takes time and energy. And I would really love I will have a new source charging me with positive energy. I need communication like the air. I don’t make conclusions without knowing a person. I have my own opinion which I never deny. I have principles I adhere to. I don’t smile at people I don’t like. I don’t communicate with people who are not interesting to me. I hope this little description will give a little idea of what kind of person I am.I’m an intelligent and outgoing person, I love my family and my friends, as far as they love me because I’m a very kind , loving and caring girl who likes giving and sharing with people. I was the only child in my family and felt so lonely at times. So since then I promised myself to create a big and happy family with many children. Music, arts, adventure, swimming cooking, fashion, psychology, philosophy, economy. I like traveling.

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