Monday , 16 May 2022

Sonurita Telugu Girl Looking For Loyal Kind Future Life Partner

Sonurita Telugu Dating Girl

Sonurita Telugu Girl Looking For Loyal Kind Future Life Partner

I should say that I’m a very beautiful and charming girl. Many people say, that I have an inner beauty that attracts people. I know that the most important for a person is to live in harmony with his.Many girls look for their Mr. Perfect. I’m different. I’m a grown up person and I realize that nobody is perfect. My goal is to find a nice man, who’ll have the same life and family values as I do. Now days, it’s very difficult to find a right person, but I’m sure that I have all the chances to be happily married with my man. I believe that marriage is a very serious step. A marriage should be only once. That’s why I’m looking for a serious and reliable man. He should be caring, loving and tender. My heart is full of love and I’m ready to share it with my man.I want to find a decent man who will love me for who I am. I want my man was brave and strong, so that I could admire him. I want him to be reliable and could always cuddle me with a tender embrace.I am looking for independent, open-minded man, who will be my friend, my lover and my shoulder to lie on. I want him to be tender and strong, with a good sense of humor. I want to share everything with him, every moment of our future life.


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