Saturday , 27 November 2021

Vithiya Sri Lankan Girl Looking For Outside Country Love Partner

Vithiya Sri Lanka Dating

Vithiya Sri Lankan Girl Looking For Outside Country Love Partner

I am a serious woman who is interested in marriage.I want to meet a man from another country , because I was disappointed in relations with Sri Lankan men. I know that marriages between Sri Lankan women and men from other countries longer , so I decided to try to find a man on this site. Perhaps you are now reading my profile and maybe that you can be my future husband . So maybe try to start a relationship.I am faithful, honest and hard working and I seek to find always bright and positive things in life. I am single lady, I have not had a chance to meet my man and I decided try a new way here. I have a calm and balanced character.I like learning new things to be one step ahead. I also have a good intuition which helps me a lot in my life. I have qualities of a leader by nature but I would prefer my man to lead me, to tell me what to do. And I would obey him and help him to achieve our mutual goals. I love a good laugh at a joke, I love life and I want to find true love. I like traveling, reading and studying, photography and art. Also I like to dress elegantly and watch the fashion.I want to find happiness and love with clever, honest, attentive, family-oriented, open-minded, intelligent and reliable man.I search for a man to share my life with. I hope that my man will have a great sense of humor, intellect and a kind heart. I hope that he can speak great words and prove them with deeds. My man should be caring, attentive, warrior at heart.

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